Happy Healthy Hot Bodies

Personal Trainer, Fascia Stretch Therapist, Model, and Survivor. Tegan Haining knows what it takes.

Secrets of the Famous

Tegan Haining has worked with celebrities such as David Beckham, Natalie Imbruglia and Australian Model Jess Gomes.  She understands what it takes to be Runway Ready along with the strength and recovery needs of athletes.

Fascia Stretch Therapist

FST increases flexibility and mobility. This allows you to train harder and move more freely. With knowledge of Functional Movement and a certified FS Therapist, Tegan Haining offers a unique approach to your next session.

Global Expertise

For the past four years Tegan Haining has worked with James Duigan’s at the famous Bodyism gym. With locations in London, Maldives, Capri, and Turkey; Bodyism has pioneered the Clean and Lean movement.

Tegan has recipes published in the Lean and Clean Cookbook and the top global publications. She has built a reputation on delicious and simple meals. Her nutrition plans create a healthy balance between naughty and nourishing.

The 7 Day Quickie

This is my quick fix guide for those looking to get into shape fast. It provides then initial motivation to exercise once again. This isn’t an intimidating 12 week plan. This is a plan that’s achievable for anyone.

14 Days to Ritual

Spread energy through investing in yourself.

Habit in 30 Days

Forget goals.  Habits last forever.

Food Ladder Charity

Join Tegan by giving back and donating to our amazing friends at Food Ladder. Food Ladder is an NGO addressing food shortage and malnutrition in India, Australia and Afghanistan.

Helping you achieve your health goals!