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The 7 day quickie

Coming soon – the 7 day program designed to get you off the couch, motivated and moving again.

Complete with a 1 week exercise and stretching program, a meal plan for both meat-lovers and vegetarians, complete with shopping list and bonus workouts for those wanting more of a challenge.

Plus a few extra Quickie ideas of course!


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Fascia Stretch Therapy

Creating a balanced, pain-free body

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Your take-home program for a tight and toned body

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Stories From Tegan’s Athletes

Jena Goldsack

– British Model

I would recommend anyone of any age and ability to train with Tegan as she really adapts what you need and being a model I have to keep my body looking consistently lean which she understands. She cut down the fat on my tummy and gave me killer abs in a matter of weeks.

She has a great sense of humour, is always chirpy and actually makes training fun.”

Belinda Nowell

– Author and Mummy-of-two

“ Tegan’s Workouts are quick and easy to fit into my busy mornings. I feel great knowing that I’ve got a workout to strengthen my back as well as toning up my tummy“

David Beckham

– Football Player

“Seriously amazing and professional.“

Natalie Imbruglia

– Artist

“Tegan is an excellent personal trainer, one of the best I’ve had.”

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