Workout anywhere

Tegan Haining is a globally respected fitness and wellbeing expert who has been transforming bodies with incredible success for over 10 years.

Her career as an international model began aged 17 taking her into the fashion worlds of Milan, Paris, London, Germany and South East Asia. Her passion for health and fitness ignited after realising how many young girls are sent overseas from home without any idea of how to look after there bodies, how to lose weight in a healthy way or have a positive relationship with food.

As an experienced personal trainer, she moved to London and worked at Bodyism, a renowned holistic training gym where she trained and stretched some of the world’s most famous bodies including David Beckham, Natalie Imbruglia, Jessica Gomes and Lara Stone.

Furthering her studies into Fascia Stretch Therapy, Tegan aims to educate all her clients on the importance of living a balanced fitness and lifestyle program. Her clients don’t just strengthen and tone their bodies but also improve flexibility and gain a strong understanding of how to better there lifestyle choices to achieve the body they desire.

Tegan believes you don’t need to train hard everyday in order to get a fit body. Understanding how to eat, when to train and educating yourself on proper eating and lifestyle habits all go together in maintaining a healthy tight and toned body – which you can have and not feel like you are missing out on any of the fun.

Welcome to a whole new way of feeling good!

Stick with me I’ll show you how! Tegan xx