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The Secret to Keeping Fit for Life

By June 14, 2017 No Comments

Most of us want to keep ourselves fit. Whether it’s to lose weight, tone up, increase energy or even just to justify that extra piece of chocolate cake, exercise is a part of our DNA. Keeping fit however is not always easy. There are endless reasons why sometimes we can’t workout. Maybe we have no time, have an injury or have simply just lost the motivation.

Other times though we can’t get enough! We train twice a day, 7 days a week, we feel fit, we feel STRONG. We train like demons!

We hit the gym, we do yoga, we try pilates, we play sport and we can’t imagine ever NOT training like this again.

Does this sound familiar?

How do we bridge the gap between overkill and…well, nothing.

How do we find a happy medium or not only keeping fit but actually feeling good at the same time?

The secret is you have to find a part of fitness that you enjoy.

I don’t mean finding a gym class you like, or favourite yoga teacher or personal trainer. I mean finding out what it is about ANY kind of fitness that makes you feel happy. What’s the common factor that keeps you coming back no matter what the workout.

This can be different for everyone. Some people love the adrenalin kick they get while they are exercising. The actually LIKE the pain of lifting weights for example. The discomfort, the pain, they look forward to it even. Some people like it after when DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness) sets in, because then they know THAT’S the sign of a good workout. Some people like the social aspect, working out with friends, getting lunch after or hitting the sauna and steam.

Others just like knowing they have a plan in place that’s working for them long term. They feel excited and energised just by knowing they are working towards a goal and have faith they will get there, like running a marathon or losing 10 kilos – they are taking the steps and enjoying the process.

You need to think about what part of fitness makes you feel great. That’s the part you need to hold onto as this is what will keep you coming back. If you like seeing your body change, make sure you take some full length selfies (you know you all want to).  If you like being social then plan two sessions a week followed by lunch with friends. If you like the pain of a workout, make sure you record your progress to keep you moving forward.

Train in a way that makes you happy, not just in what you SHOULD be doing. This is the only way to keep you coming back to working out, there’s no point in doing something you HATE cos’ the chances are you won’t do it very long! If you’re eating well and training effectively, you shouldn’t need to train day and night  to meet your goals. Enjoying how you exercise is one thing, trainer smarter not harder is the other one. Less is more sometimes! Be consistent with 2-4 sessions per week rather than twice a day for a month and then nothing.

Happy moving…


Tegan x