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The Yummiest Chocolate Thickshake Ever!

By June 14, 2017 No Comments

If you are like me, not a week goes by without eating some form of chocolate. Due to severity of my chocolate addiction I find it necessary to have on hand some healthy chocolate alternatives.

Now often the most frustrating thing about ‘healthy’ chocolate is…well, it tastes NOTHING like chocolate.

Let’s be honest, most healthy chocolate rarely hits the spot. Occasionally someone nails it (hello Spring Wellness Balls) but more often than not, you finish your…disciplined choice – and immediately start thinking about how long you have to wait till you can have some PROPER CHOCOLATE!

This thickshake however is one that ticks all the boxes in my book being tasty, healthy and ‘I want to lick the bowl’ kind of delicious. Yes there is SOME sugar in them. But it’s minimal, and the amount of nutrition you are getting per gram of sugar makes up for it. Plus there is loads of healthy fats to slow the hit of sugars into your bloodstream a little. So you CAN enjoy this guilt-free.

Now this believe it or not is so good for you I actually have it as a breakfast option in my coaching program. If you just fell in love with me a little bit and would like to be a part of a coaching program that includes chocolate shakes, then click the link here, and I be seeing you there soon. In the meantime, here’s the recipe.

1/4 Avocado

1 Cup coconut milk

½ TBSP raw cacao powder or 1 scoop Body Brilliance Chocolate Protein (available here) – can we insert a link button here?

1 TBSP hemp seeds

½ TBSP raw honey

½ Cup ice

Toasted flaked almonds (optional) to serve.


Blend all ingredients. Top with flaked almonds, drink immediately or eat with a spoon.


Tegan x

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