The 7 Day Quickie



Because anyone can do 7 days


The 7 Day Quickie will get you off the couch, motivated, and moving again. Providing the methods used with clients looking to feel fitter, fast, and nimble.

Each day you will receive a new workout or stretch session direct to your inbox. By the end of the week you will feel your tummy is flatter, your waking energy has improved and your body is on track to feeling transformed.


With 8 years Personal Training experience Tegan knows what it takes. With clients ranging from models to celebrities. Yummy mummies to CEO’s. One thing they all have in common is the need for rapid results.

My 7 Day Quickie is what I recommend for clients want to re-invigorate their training, get ready for an event, reduce belly fat or a rapid detox.

For those wanting a quick fix, not a long 12 week commitment, this is the plan for you.

By the end of the week, you will feel your tummy is feeling flatter, your waking energy has improved and your body is on track to feeling transformed.

Included Inside


5 Workouts for 7 Days

Over the course of 7 days you will receive 5 workouts and 2 stretch sessions direct to your inbox. This means not only are you strengthening and toning the body but also taking time to stretch and allow the body to rebuild.

7 Day Meal Plan

No transformation is complete without changing your eating habits. Inside you will also find a complete 7 Day Meal Plan.

Bonus Shopping List

To make things easier when on the run I have also included an easy to following Bonus Shopping List

Frequently Asked Questions


How much weight will I lose?

There is no exact science to how much an individual will lose. Most people lose some weight, improve their posture finding they can suck in their tummy and have a huge boost in energy

Do I have to follow the meal plan exactly?

Yes. You can do it, it’s only 7 days!

When will I receive the videos?

You will receive either a new workout or stretching video each day direct to your inbox.

Where is the meal plan and shopping list?

You will find them in the E-book which you can download in the first email sent direct to your inbox.

I have knee problems and can’t do some of the exercises, what should I do?

That’s ok. You can modify the exercises as needed, perhaps stepping back into movements instead of jumping, or not lowering as deep if you are experiencing pain.

Is it ok to do the 7 Day Quickie twice in a row?

Yes absolutely. The Quickie is a guide to how you can be eating in daily life without depriving yourself of adequate meals. You may want to add some extra nutrient dense carbs to your meals to boost your energy levels if repeating the Quickie.

I don’t eat meat, can I do the Quickie if I’m a vegetarian?

Yes. The Quickie is all about learning to eat nutritious foods and cut out sugar, processed foods and alcohol to help boost your energy and fitness levels. Just make sure you are following these principles but eating a complete range of vegetable proteins instead of animal proteins throughout the 7 days.